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(This was taken before the date, little did I know what was coming!!)

If you're here you are probably wanting to know all the details of this past Saturday when I got engaged, and to be honest I don't blame you- I'm always dying to hear other peoples engagement stories too!!

Here it goes... Awhile back, maybe like two months ago, Conner & I were out shopping becuase he needed a few things and I found this plaid shirt that I loved so I made him try it on.  He ended up buying it and said that we could go on a fun date and he would wear the shirt.  Well fast forward about two months, it's the end of summer, and he still hasn't worn the shirt that I loved so much! 

So casually he brings up that he hasn't worn the shirt and he asks "Hey maybe we should go on a date the next weekend we have free from things and I can wear the shirt you love? But I don't care where we go so you can make the reservation if you want."  If you know me at all, you would know that I'm pretty observant so obviously it would be hard to plan something without my knowledge, BUT he told me to plan dinner so obviously I had no idea (so sneaky!!). 

I made a reservation for a Saturday two week later and we never really talked about it other than that. When the the weekend came, I was extremely stressed with school because I'm in the middle of a bunch of midterms so I spent the whole morning doing homework and not really thinking about the date.  The other crazy part of this story is the fact that I also initiated getting my nails done but I had no idea.  About a week previously I had seen a friend get her nails done so I thought I would ask one of my housemates to go with me & she said yes but the only day she could do was saturday morning (having no idea at the time that Conner was going to propose that night!)  

By Saturday night I was exausted from doing homework all day but I had my nails done and a new dress on, ready to hang with CB and relax.  We went to dinner and shockingly he was SO calm, I had no idea what was coming.  As we were leaving the resturant I went to use the restroom but the door didn't lock & a lady was waiting so I ended up just leaving and not going to the bathroom.... Sounds like a little detail but I promise its important in a minute :) 

As we started heading towards the Scioto Mile, I kept telling Conner that I needed to go to the bathroom but he kept ignoring me and driving really out of the way to get there.  This is so out of his character, usally he is so quick to serve me and so I thought that was a little strange.  Finally we parked down by COSI and started to walk to the large patio behind COSI by the river.  As we were walking Conner was practically dragging me and I just kept saying..."I have to pee Conner, why do you hate me?, why won't you let me pee?" (Little did I know!)

When we got to the river we stopped and he started to say some sweet things and keep giving me hugs.  I was so oblivious so when he asked if I could help him down... I said "No" (He needed my help because he potentially tore something in his knee playing football the week before but he didn't have on his brace and still wanted to be able to get down on one knee" Eventually he got down on his own and continued to talk and asked me to marry him. Obvioulsy I said YES!!!! 

There are two reasons though why that night was so special and not just because I got engaged.

1. Because the Scioto Mile is our spot, it's where we've had almost every major life conversation during our relationship.  It's where we went on our first date, a very fun but awkward first date I might add.  It's where we've danced in the dark under the twinkly lights of the city skyline.  There are so many memories and so for him to propose there just felt comfortable, and it just felt right.

2. It was a complete and total surprise! Conner knows me so well, he knows that I'm observant and usually in the know so for him to plan a night that I wasn't expecting was incredible.  I felt so loved the whole night knowing all the planning that must have done into it.  He also didn't tell more than a few people so getting to surprise my best friends was priceless!! 

I hope you enjoyed reading a little more into our story. I can honestly say I've never been so excited for something as I am to marry CB! Can't wait to bring you all along on the journey of planning a wedding & everything else that comes along with growing up :)

Love Always,

P.S. Attached in the widget below are the details of my outfit from that night!!

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