Real Life College Outfits...


Outfit #1:
Top: Lou & Grey Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: New Balance Bag: Madewell

Outfit #2:
Sweatshirt: Victoria Secret PINK Leggings: GapFit
Shoes: Nike 

I wanted to do this post because while I love fun heels and dress, that is only realistic about 25% of my days.  Outfits in college are so much different that what you wear to school in high school so I wanted to share two outfits that are realistic to what I normally wear in the mornings when I'm in class & obvioulsy it wouldn't be a typical day without a little Iced Chai to get me through.

The first outfit I love because while it's casual, it's definitely still my style.  The top is from Loft and is part of the Lou & Grey collection.  I'm obsessed with that line because it is literally the softest things you've ever felt in your entire life.  Like when I say that I want all my clothes to be this material, it's not joke!! I love that I can pair a comfy yet basic tee with my favorite Madewell jeans and a great pair of New Balance shoes and I'm ready for the day.  Typically I'm not a tennis shoes and jeans kinda girl but with that gold detailing, I couldn't pass these up. They are also super comfy for a 30 minute walk accross campus.

The second outfit is definitley the most realistic for a typical college morning.  I love these Gap leggings because the mesh paneling along the side really adds a fun detail.  I paired it with a comfy sweatshirt, these PINK sweatshirts are the best because I feel like it's a little nicer than a random sweatshirt.  I know it doesn't seem like much, but small details definitely help to boost your confidence even when you're wearing a sweatshirt and leggings.

Hope you enjoy this post! See you all next Monday!

Love Always,

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