Everyday Winter Outfit...


This post is pretty short & simple, but I just wanted to share this adorable outfit which would be super easy to re-create this winter season. (Even though this weather doesn't even feel like winter ahh!) 

I love Madewell & yet again they came out with this amazing sweater. Now is a good time to buy because they are always on sale as they prepare to bring out spring stuff in a couple of months. I also have been pretty obsessed with these booties this season.  Jessica Simpson knew what she was doing because these things are SUPER comfy & easy to walk in. Plus the charcol grey is a perfect color and it goes with just about everything! I bought half a size up & it allows me to wear them with thin or chunky socks.

This look would be easy to re-create with a pair of dark denim, a neutral sweater, a scarf and a simple pair of booties. 

Hope you enjoyed this look! Thanks for stopping by the blog today :) 

Love Always,

Winter Date Night Outfit & Ideas...


Lets be real- there is nothing worse than having to get dressed up on a cold winter night when you would rather be cozied up in a blanket on the couch watching "This Is Us"... Am I the only fan out there? Holy moly, Conner & I watched the first few episodes this past weekend and fell in love. 

I've found that if I'm going out at night when it's cold outside I either need a really good outfit or a really fun date night to get me out of the house :) This outfit is one of my very favorites. I'm kinda a little obsessed with this plaid shirt dress and the cozy material kinda feels like I'm still wrapped up in a blanket. J Crew Factory does it again. If you want to buy my exact dress it's right here, and currently on sale for only $44!!! WHOO! 

I also love adding accessories like a fur vest and statement neckalace to dress up a super casual dress. My faux fur vest is from Old Navy and I found it for under $20 which is an amazing deal considering the quality! The exact style is sold out but I linked a simlar but a little pricer option down below in the widget.

I didn't just want to share an outfit but also some date night ideas because I'm always looking for fun ideas.  It's so easy to plan a fun date in the summer when the weather is warm and people are out and about but the winter is just so much trickier.  Here are a few ideas to keep in our back pocket... 

1. Outdoor Ice Skaing- Maybe it isn't everywhere but in Columbus around February they always open an outdoor ice rink. It's fun to bundle up and skate around under twinkly lights downtown. Even if your city doesn't necessarily have an outdoor rink, throwback to middle school (Friday Night Meltdown anyone??) and hit up an ice rink :) 

2. Holiday Lights Trolly Tour- I've never done this before but a few of my friends have. You just buy tickets and then you are taken all around your city to see the best Christmas lights! It would be fun, different, and a fun way to get in the festive Holiday spirit even if Christmas has passed.

3. Find a Trivia Night- I know, I know... You're probably thinking this one sounds a little boring. BUT, I once went to a trivia night with a group of my friends and their significant others and it was super fun. We got to enjoy time together, make jokes and bond over the fact we knew nothing when it came to trivia.  Plus I guarantee that there is a night like this somewhere in your area you just have to look around to find it.

Thanks for stopping blog the ol' blog today :) Hope you enjoyed!

Love Always, 

J Crew Vail Parka Review...


Lets talk about this incredible J Crew Factory coat. I bought it awhile back when I was looking for a more stylish version of my black parka that I would be able to wear to work or with dressier outfits.  I had no idea about the love affair that I would quickly develope with it. It's cozy and warm, it's longer and let me tell you... it goes with everything!

The best part is it's also currently on sale right now. In terms of sizing, I found that you probably want to order a size up from your normal size because otherwise it might be a little tight sitting down or when you have chunky layers on underneath.  My exact coat couldn't be linked in the widget below but it is linked here :) I added the J Crew verison below.

Some other features I love about this coat are the pockets. I love the front pockets but they are kinda awkard to put your hands in if you are trying to keep warm. A couple of days ago I realized that there actually are pockets behind the snap pockets to put your hands in while not taking away from the style of the coat. Thats a huge plus in my book.

ALSO, this beanie has quickly become one of my favorites for chillier days. It's the perfect mix of slouchy while still being girly and feminine with the blush pink color.

Hope you guys loved this outfit- it's one of my favorite & has been on repeat a bunch this winter. 

Love Always, 

Styling Athleisure & Realistic New Years Resolutions...


I've decided that to-date this might be one of my favorite outfit posts ever. Maybe it's because it's the start of the new year but I've been so into everyday athletic clothes also known these days as "Athleisure".  This pullover is from The North Face and was a gift from my Fiance's family for Christmas this year.  Lets just say I've worn it about everyday since Christmas, it's amazing.  I love pairing pullovers with a simple pair of leggings and a fun pair of Nike's.  This is defintely going to be my go-to class outfit throughout the winter.

Today I want to talk new years resolutions.  Every year I start the new year thinking about all that is to come and dreaming of the new goals I have.... flashforward about two months later and I've probably given up on all those things. So this year, I've decided that I'm going to set some realistic resolutions that I actually think I will be able to stick to.  Here are 6 of mine:

1. Drink More Water- This is pretty simple. People always talk about the importance of drinking water, yet somehow I always have some sort of flavored drink in my hand. This year I want to commit to drinking water at all times of the day especially when I first wake up.

2. Take the Best Care of Myself- One of the most unrealistic goals that I think people make for the new year are almost always in regards to their eating and working out habits. Thats why the workout facility at Ohio State is packed after January 1st and dead by February 1st.  It's so true that if you feel good then, then things just follow as a result. This year I want to be comitted to taking care of myself in many different ways. Whether that's going to the Gym more per week, eating a little healthier,  getting an extra hour of sleep each night or washing my face before I go to bed. I want to take time to do those things because they truely do make me feel better and are worth the investment. Seems like when life hits, those things just head to the back burner.

3. Grow Clothe With Love in Whatever Capacity That Looks Like- I have loved this blog because I've gotten to share my life and have in a sense a journal of my life to look back on. This year I want to grow Clothe With Love to be able to reach and help more people. I want to write about things that people want to hear. I want to write about things I'm learning. I also just want to share more of what I'm wearing because thats something I enjoy more than anything! Whether that means growing a bigger following for my blog, working harder to put out more posts, I'm not really sure because I don't want to limit myself with unrealistic expectations.

4. Be Intentional With My Time- Ahh this is huge. When I'm with people I want to truly be with them not on my phone, or stressed about something else. I want to focus on school when I'm working on homework, focus on Conner when I'm with him, focus on my friends when we are out having fun. I really just want to be present this year and enjoy the memories I get to have with peopl!

5.  Understand What Satisfaction in Jesus Looks Like- Over the past year I really feel like God has refined me in what it looks like to trust Him and His plan. I've made life decisions that I definitely wouldn't have made if I wasn't trusting that God would provide in them.  So often I try to provide for myself because I feel like I would do a better job then He would. This year, I want that to change. I want to learn to find satsifaction in Jesus and not in the things that I can do for myself. Not exactly sure what that looks like, but I'm excited to see in the future :)

6. Be a Morning Person- If you know me at all you know that I'm furthest from a morning person. I wake up so grump... Sorry to all the people around me :) Mornings are such a good time for starting your day off on the right foot, with a workout, a healthy breakfast, time with Jesus, etc.  While it's hard to do, I never regret any of those things when I make time for them in the morning. This year I want to try a little harder to give myself an extra hour or two... maybe not hit the snooze button like 10 times... and make the best use of my morning. If you are a morning person or you struggle the same way I do, I would love to know what you do! I don't know why it is but I've always been the type of person to lay around in my bed forever in the morning!

Hope you enojoyed reading my more realistic New Years Resolutions and maybe you can relate to one or more! I would love to know in the comments what some of yours are this year!

Love Always,

Happy Birthday ClotheWithLove!!


I honestly can't even believe that I'm writing this right now... Clothe With Love turned a year old on January 1st 2017!! Crazy to think that a year ago, I was out taking my first ever blog photos with Conner- neither of us knew how to use my camera,  I sure as heck didn't know what to do in the photos, and little did I know how much I would enjoy sharing my closet and my heart on a blog that anyone in the world could read. I've grown a lot this past year and I've learned a lot from this blog and I'm excited to share that with you! 

One of the biggest things I've learned over this year is to find what you're passionate about and run with it. I read blogs for YEARS, but was always too scared to start my own. I knew that people around me might say things behind my back or make fun of me because it's not necessarily something thats super common where I live. But you know what? Everytime I take photos, or post an Instagram, or put up a new post and get positive feedback I realize that it's all worth it. I feel inspired and encouraged because I'm chasing something that I love. What are some of those things for you? What passions do you have that you are scared to chase after because you think you'll look stupid? I would encourage you to try, it's a new year and a fresh start :) 

Another crazy thing I've learned this year is to trust the Lord that his plans for my future are better than my own. Short and simple- I always had this vision of what my life would look like it and well things are turning out to look a little different. I'm scared for this next year that starting a new job, graduating college, getting married, moving to a new place- that these things will be harder then expected. I'm scared I won't have the resources I need to keep my blog running. God is so much bigger then my fear and this blog has been an incredible picture of that.  

When I started the blog I wasn't exactly sure what would happen. Would I post on it only a few times and get bored? Would it flurish overnight? It's definitely been a slow process full of times where I felt like it just wasn't worth it anymore and it would be easier to give up. 

Have I made money off my blog? Um not really. 
Has it cost me money? YES.
Have I gained a huge following? Nope. 
Was it as easy as I expected? Definitely not. 

That being said, I've learned SO much about myself this past year and I know that all those things just take time. I'm excited for 2017, and what it might bring to Clothe With Love! Thank you to everyone who has followed along this past year. I'm thankful for you and can't wait to share my life with you in 2017 :) 

Love Always, 

2016 in Pictures...


2016 was an amazing year! I wanted to do a little re-cap in progression of the year to share a little more of my life then I normally do on the blog! I love pictures because they are so fun to look back on and rejoyce in what God did during the year so enjoy my 2016 in pictures :) 
Love Always, 

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