Distressed Denim Vest...


 Dress: RedDressBoutique Vest: Abercrombie
Cross Body: J Crew Watch: Michael Kors
Sandals: Tory Burch Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

It's been a crazy couple of weeks with traveling to Minnesota last weekend and then visiting Chicago this weekend, but thankfully I'm back and coming at you with a new post.  This dress is a couple of years old but I thought I would take some pics in it because I thought it was perfect especially with all this hot weather we've been having.  I love layering but with this heat it would be crazy to wear a jacket or sweater so I love it paired with a denim vest.  The combination of a super flowy dress and this distressed denim jacket makes for the perfect layered look.  

Also I can't say enough good things about this J Crew cross body bag, it's amazing.  I wanted a smaller bag to take when I didn't want to carry around my big purse but holy moly this is perfect.  It seems small but I can fit a full size wallet, professional camera and sunglasses case without making it look stuffed.  If you are in the market for something like this, don't hesitate to buy it.  Worth the money, and super versatile.

I'm thinking my next post is going to be styled fall outfits featuring some pieces from the Nordstrom's anniversary sale.  It could be helpful and since the sale is still going on, a great opportunity to snag some awesome fall deals!! Plus I'm excited to share the items I picked up :) 

Hope you enjoyed & I will see you next week!

Love Always,

P.S. Since my dress is older, I wasn't able to link the exact same one.  That being said, I linked a few other loose dresses that would be cute to pair with a denim vest.  If you want to find a similar style, definitely check out Reddressboutique (awesome online boutique) because they always have similar options! 

FabFitFun's Summer 2016 Box


If you've never heard of FabFitFun before it's a subscription box that comes out 4 times a year and is packed with incredible products.  I'm talking full sized and not cheap.   The best part is the box is a $200 value and you can get it for $50 so definitely major savings.  BUT I also have a code so if you like what you see in this post, you can use the code MADDIE and get $10 off your first box (thats a $200 box for only $40!!!)  Now onto the best part, the review...

To start off the packaging is adorable.  I love how fun the boxes are and how they are so focused on small touches like the popsicle sticker to seal the tissue paper.  I also love how neat and organized the box is, it makes a great first impression.

I think the thing I'm most excited for in the box is the "Betchsicles".  They are popsicles in the shape of little Champagne bottles and perfect for
summertime.  Little fact, recently I found these healthy peach popsicles at the grocery store and you could say that I've become hooked.  So when I saw these I got super exited because who doesn't want to try and make your own popsicles.

Another item that I was excited to see in the box was the Summer & Rose yoga towel.  Recently I've been trying to go to the gym more but something about a campus gym, makes you question the cleanliness of the materials.  I love that this towel is extremely large because it allows you to lay it out and cover your mat so that you can easily do floor exercises.

A few of the other cool things included in the summer box:

1. Beach Waves Spray
2. Microderm Scrub for Face & Body- super excited to test that out!!
3. Gypset Luminous Lips 
4. OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream- Never heard of this but it smells amazing & I'm definitely going to test it out!
5. Trina Turk Canvas Tote- perfect beach bag

Overall if even just one product looked good to you, this box is definitely worth it.  I mean the cost of one item is more expensive than the whole box alone! SO if you're interested make sure you use the coupon code for a deal :)

On a more sappy note, this post was extremely fun for me to do.  It was the first time a company sent me a product because I thought people on my blog might be interested.  I'm not going to lie, I love blogs and there is something about successful bloggers that I look up to.  I know that it takes a TON of work so to see them succeed is incredible.  That being said, there aren't days when I think that my blog is stupid or a waste of my time because "do people really want to read what I have to say??" Thankfully I'm driven, I have big dreams and I'm committed but there are still days I doubt.  Thanks to FabFitFun for my first product sent to review, it's a small thing but sometimes thats all you need to have a little courage to keep pushing!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will be back Monday with another!

Love Always,

Trendy High Low & Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks....


Shoes: Tory Burch Cross Body: J Crew
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

If you're like me, wearing dresses in the summer is a go to especially ones that are loose & flowy.  I found this adorable dress on Urban Outfitters the other day and the best part was it was on extreme sale (under $30, would make a great pool cover-up).  I love the cotton material which is super soft & the low back because it allows you to show off an adorable bralette.  I paired it with simple sandals and a cross body, perfect for a day of exploring or running errands.

But now onto my favorite part, the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! If you don't know what it is, then let me tell you- it's the best sale of the year.  It's a chance to stock up on new all & winter clothing at incredibly low prices.  Things that almost never are on sale, are for this sale.  It's also amazing because it's brand new stuff that will go full price as soon as the sale ends.  So below are some of my top pics in each category.  If you are a Nordstrom's cardholder than you can access this sale now, but if not it opens to the general public on July 22nd so definitely check it out.  If you like anything you see, click on it and you will be forwarded to the item on their website :) Happy Shopping!



Bags & Accessories:

Workout Clothing:

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment with what you hope to buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Love Always,

A Weekend Road Trip to Indy


This past weekend my family decided that we were going to take a little "family vacation" (when most work, thats about all we can take off for) to Indianapolis.  Initially I was skeptical because I had no idea what the city had to offer but I was extremely surprised.  Indianapolis is a fun city with lots to do and tons of fun suburbs surrounding it.  

As for my outfit, I thought this would be perfect for exploring the city all day on Saturday.  I love these  J Crew factory shorts, they're so comfy and paired with this  Old Navy (I sized up so it would be loose & flow) was perfect for being in the sun all day.  I also love this  cross-body bag because it can fit all the necessities like a phone, wallet, and camera but it is SO light.  I will link everything below if you are interested :) 

Here is a re-cap of some highlights of the weekend:

This breakfast spot was to die for and super cute, it was called Cafe Patachou.  They had omelets, amazing cinnamon toast and a large assortment of coffees and mimosas.  Plus they had a really cute tag line, "A Student Union for adults" which definitely fit the feel!!  If you are looking for brunch in Indy, you are coming to the right place.
A quick snap of the Statehouse when walking around exploring the city after brunch! 
Oh the JW Marriott- what an amazing hotel.  We have stayed at a JW before as a family but this one was amazing.  Not only is it a million floors tall so the views out of our room was sweet but it also was extremely clean and well designed.  Plus there were tons of weddings & conventions going on throughout the weekend, so people watching was on point!
Indianapolis Canal Walk- such a fun place to explore.  As you will see in the pictures below there were so many things to see on the Canal Walk.  The Canal itself they said was about 3 miles all the way around, so we spent the day walking the loop and enjoying what it had to offer.  By the Indianapolis Art Museum there was really cool graffiti and life size checkers which we spent forever playing! There also was live music and fun street art that made every point along the walk exciting.
We ended the day on Saturday with a Gondola Ride along the Canal.  Our gondolier was a sweet man who sang us Italian songs and told us about the history of Venice and of our Gondola.  Did you know there are only families people in the world that build gondolas to this day? If you are at the Walk, definitely check this out it.. It was a nice break from walking and a cool way to see more of the city! 

I would definitely recommend Indianapolis as a quick weekend get-away spot! Hope you have an amazing day!

Love Always,

It's the 4th of July...


 It's the 4th of July and what better way to celebrate than a post with a little 4th outfit inspiration.  If you are looking for the perfect outfit, this dress is it.  It's casual since it is denim but also has adorable  stars on it to make it girly and fun.  I also loved going a little crazy and pairing it with lace up flats and a floppy sun hat (Even though there is no sun out today, all clouds and a little rain)! If you are interested in where anything is from, I will have everything linked below (or similar options) :) 

I know that recently I haven't been posting very frequently but life has been a little busy.  I'm going to try to finish out the summer strong by consistently posting on Mondays, so check back for more! Also if you don't already and want to see more outfits and what I'm up to, check out my Insta @clothewithloveblog!!

Thanks for stopping by & I will see you next Monday!

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