It's the 4th of July...


 It's the 4th of July and what better way to celebrate than a post with a little 4th outfit inspiration.  If you are looking for the perfect outfit, this dress is it.  It's casual since it is denim but also has adorable  stars on it to make it girly and fun.  I also loved going a little crazy and pairing it with lace up flats and a floppy sun hat (Even though there is no sun out today, all clouds and a little rain)! If you are interested in where anything is from, I will have everything linked below (or similar options) :) 

I know that recently I haven't been posting very frequently but life has been a little busy.  I'm going to try to finish out the summer strong by consistently posting on Mondays, so check back for more! Also if you don't already and want to see more outfits and what I'm up to, check out my Insta @clothewithloveblog!!

Thanks for stopping by & I will see you next Monday!

Love Always,

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