FabFitFun's Summer 2016 Box


If you've never heard of FabFitFun before it's a subscription box that comes out 4 times a year and is packed with incredible products.  I'm talking full sized and not cheap.   The best part is the box is a $200 value and you can get it for $50 so definitely major savings.  BUT I also have a code so if you like what you see in this post, you can use the code MADDIE and get $10 off your first box (thats a $200 box for only $40!!!)  Now onto the best part, the review...

To start off the packaging is adorable.  I love how fun the boxes are and how they are so focused on small touches like the popsicle sticker to seal the tissue paper.  I also love how neat and organized the box is, it makes a great first impression.

I think the thing I'm most excited for in the box is the "Betchsicles".  They are popsicles in the shape of little Champagne bottles and perfect for
summertime.  Little fact, recently I found these healthy peach popsicles at the grocery store and you could say that I've become hooked.  So when I saw these I got super exited because who doesn't want to try and make your own popsicles.

Another item that I was excited to see in the box was the Summer & Rose yoga towel.  Recently I've been trying to go to the gym more but something about a campus gym, makes you question the cleanliness of the materials.  I love that this towel is extremely large because it allows you to lay it out and cover your mat so that you can easily do floor exercises.

A few of the other cool things included in the summer box:

1. Beach Waves Spray
2. Microderm Scrub for Face & Body- super excited to test that out!!
3. Gypset Luminous Lips 
4. OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream- Never heard of this but it smells amazing & I'm definitely going to test it out!
5. Trina Turk Canvas Tote- perfect beach bag

Overall if even just one product looked good to you, this box is definitely worth it.  I mean the cost of one item is more expensive than the whole box alone! SO if you're interested make sure you use the coupon code for a deal :)

On a more sappy note, this post was extremely fun for me to do.  It was the first time a company sent me a product because I thought people on my blog might be interested.  I'm not going to lie, I love blogs and there is something about successful bloggers that I look up to.  I know that it takes a TON of work so to see them succeed is incredible.  That being said, there aren't days when I think that my blog is stupid or a waste of my time because "do people really want to read what I have to say??" Thankfully I'm driven, I have big dreams and I'm committed but there are still days I doubt.  Thanks to FabFitFun for my first product sent to review, it's a small thing but sometimes thats all you need to have a little courage to keep pushing!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will be back Monday with another!

Love Always,

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