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Why I Gave Up Shopping For 30 Days


For years I've been obsessed with clothing and fashion.  I think my love started years ago, high school to be exact, when I came across people on the internet, specifically bloggers. It was like one day and a few clicks on the internet and my world was changed.  I loved the platform that these media's gave them to express something they felt passionate about.  They had the opportunity to not only share their lives with random people but they were able to have a public diary to look back on and remember.  It's funny, my friends make fun of me because I talk about different bloggers like they are my friends because I feel like I know so much of their lives.  

This started my love of shopping and putting together outfits.  I wouldn't call myself a naturally creative person but when it comes to clothing, I love the way I can mix and match pieces and create different looks based off how I am for the day!  

Fast forward a few years to January of this year, when I decided that it was time to start my own fashion blog.  FINALLY. The perfect opportunity for me to put my love of shopping to good use and share it in a creative way (or maybe just help justify my love to shop, you be the judge).

Over the last couple of months, I've found a lot of joy in pursuing something that I'm passionate about, that I have a love for because can I be honest?..... There aren't many things I feel super passionate about.  Other than ministry and relationships made through Young Life, there just isn't much. I don't think I'm a super passionate person.

That's where my "30 Days of No Shopping" comes in.  I decided that "no shopping" meant buying anything for myself other than food, gas in my car, you the basics.  Some of you might think I'm crazy because a month isn't that long, but it's actually been harder than I would have thought.  It's easy to think about yourself and harder to think about others, and why not test yourself to see exactly where your heart is at? It's actually been kind of fun.

I want my life to be used as a way for people around me to know Jesus more.  While I want to show you my new spring purchases,  makeup I love, or a great outfit I also want to share what Jesus is teaching me or things that are hard.

I gave up shopping for a month because things of the world are tempting but Jesus is SO much better, let me tell you! I want to continue to remind myself of that. 

I don't need to spend time looking for a new pair of shoes when I could spend that time with girls in Upper Arlington.  Time spent finding the right dress to wear to a friends bridal shower could be time better spent in prayer.  It's less about actually shopping and more about the mindset.

That being said, I think that I want to starting posting more real things about my life on the blog for Fridays.  Maybe what Jesus is teaching me that week, something that has been on my mind, a topic that I think people can relate to.  Feel free to leave me a comment on this post if there is something you would be interested in me writing about or a question you have.

Also check out my Instagram @clothewithloveblog for updates on when I post & other fun things!!

Love Always,

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