Bridal Shower Details & Outfit...


 AHH, I can't even believe that I'm sharing this with you guys & that the wedding is close enough to be having a bridal shower :) 

First let me just say that I am so thankful for my Maid/Matron of honor and of course my bridesmaids because they made this day so extremely special. I can't imagine going through this season of life without them and I mean you can tell by the pictures but it would be hard not to feel extremely special after having a shower like this!! 

From the moment I walked in I could tell that they had thought of everything- from the Toast Bar (I LOVE toast!!) to Iced Chai, to chicken salad and watermelon... they literally thought of it all!

I think my favorite part of the day was just how they put in so much to make it possible and how every minute of it was catered to things that I love, we also played a verson of the newlywed game with recorded videos of Conner & it was so fun!

For my outfit, I wore this adorable white dress from an online clothing boutique, unfortunately it's sold out but I will link a few other options down below.  I also paired it with a pair of newtral wedges and blush pink tassle earrings because I wanted a little bit of color in the outfit! The wedges are on super sale right now so go check them out.

Hope you all enjoyed a little sneak peak into my bridal shower (I just had another shower yesterday & it was just as amazing!!) and stay posted because I'm going to try to get back into the swing of blogging now that I'm finished with college forever WHOO!!

Love Always,

How to Style a Grandpa Cardigan...


For Christmas this year, my mom picked me up this adorable grandpa sweater. When I opened it she prefaced it with, "It's pretty big and oversized but I thought it kinda looked like you".  This got me thinking because I hadn't ever tried to style a grandpa sweater and honestly I wasn't really sure how I would like it. 

....But the verdict is in and I LOVE it! Funny enough, this is probably my most worn cardigan in my wardrobe.  My everyday style for class is usally a casual pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a basic shirt. I've been adding this cozy cardigan because it keeps me a little bit warmer but it also creates a fun layered look.

A tip in styling a grandpa cardigan is to pair it with pieces that are a little bit more feminine, whether thats a ruffle detail on your top (like my peplum) or a fun pair of feminine shoes. Sometimes I think that grandpa sweaters have the potential to make you look like just that... A grandpa but thats something a few accessories can fix :)

Hope you enjoyed this cozy outfit! Sorry it took so long to get this post up this week, for some reason I've just been feeling a little un-inspired by my blog lately and I want to spice it up! Leave me a comment if you have anything you would want to see in the future. I can't wait for warmer weather when I can do fun and afordable spring break and summer looks!!

Love Always,

Everyday Winter Outfit...


This post is pretty short & simple, but I just wanted to share this adorable outfit which would be super easy to re-create this winter season. (Even though this weather doesn't even feel like winter ahh!) 

I love Madewell & yet again they came out with this amazing sweater. Now is a good time to buy because they are always on sale as they prepare to bring out spring stuff in a couple of months. I also have been pretty obsessed with these booties this season.  Jessica Simpson knew what she was doing because these things are SUPER comfy & easy to walk in. Plus the charcol grey is a perfect color and it goes with just about everything! I bought half a size up & it allows me to wear them with thin or chunky socks.

This look would be easy to re-create with a pair of dark denim, a neutral sweater, a scarf and a simple pair of booties. 

Hope you enjoyed this look! Thanks for stopping by the blog today :) 

Love Always,

Winter Date Night Outfit & Ideas...


Lets be real- there is nothing worse than having to get dressed up on a cold winter night when you would rather be cozied up in a blanket on the couch watching "This Is Us"... Am I the only fan out there? Holy moly, Conner & I watched the first few episodes this past weekend and fell in love. 

I've found that if I'm going out at night when it's cold outside I either need a really good outfit or a really fun date night to get me out of the house :) This outfit is one of my very favorites. I'm kinda a little obsessed with this plaid shirt dress and the cozy material kinda feels like I'm still wrapped up in a blanket. J Crew Factory does it again. If you want to buy my exact dress it's right here, and currently on sale for only $44!!! WHOO! 

I also love adding accessories like a fur vest and statement neckalace to dress up a super casual dress. My faux fur vest is from Old Navy and I found it for under $20 which is an amazing deal considering the quality! The exact style is sold out but I linked a simlar but a little pricer option down below in the widget.

I didn't just want to share an outfit but also some date night ideas because I'm always looking for fun ideas.  It's so easy to plan a fun date in the summer when the weather is warm and people are out and about but the winter is just so much trickier.  Here are a few ideas to keep in our back pocket... 

1. Outdoor Ice Skaing- Maybe it isn't everywhere but in Columbus around February they always open an outdoor ice rink. It's fun to bundle up and skate around under twinkly lights downtown. Even if your city doesn't necessarily have an outdoor rink, throwback to middle school (Friday Night Meltdown anyone??) and hit up an ice rink :) 

2. Holiday Lights Trolly Tour- I've never done this before but a few of my friends have. You just buy tickets and then you are taken all around your city to see the best Christmas lights! It would be fun, different, and a fun way to get in the festive Holiday spirit even if Christmas has passed.

3. Find a Trivia Night- I know, I know... You're probably thinking this one sounds a little boring. BUT, I once went to a trivia night with a group of my friends and their significant others and it was super fun. We got to enjoy time together, make jokes and bond over the fact we knew nothing when it came to trivia.  Plus I guarantee that there is a night like this somewhere in your area you just have to look around to find it.

Thanks for stopping blog the ol' blog today :) Hope you enjoyed!

Love Always, 

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