What to Wear to an End-Of-Summer Wedding


I was recently planning for a wedding in August and trying to decide what was appropriate to wear because while August can be one of the hottest months in Ohio, it's also when fall clothing is starting to come out in stores.  The inner fall-lover in me wanted nothing more then a berry color dress or something in crushed velvet but instead I settled for this gem.

I walked into Nordstrom knowing that I couldn't leave until I found a dress for the wedding and I kind of just stumbled across this guy.  I thought it might fit weird in the chest area because I'd never worn a dress this style before but once I tried it on, it was love at first sight.

I loved how the tie front detail makes it fun and girly, but the fact that it had a cap sleeve made it feel a little more fall esc then a spaghetti strap dress and the fun pattern was perfect for the end of summer.

When shopping for an end-of-summer dressing to attend a wedding, consider something that is a fall style but in a summer pattern. It's feel like you're getting the best of both worlds! I will link some other great dress options down below!!

Love Always,

Perfect Little Black Dress & Life Update...


It's been a little while since I've put up a post but I'm excited to have a little more free time these days & to start posting a little bit more consistently. Heres a brief life update (I say brief because I want to post a real life update in the near future). 

In May I graduated from THE Ohio State University in Strategic Communication with a business minor. Following that I accepted a job with dock580, a wedding and event venue in downtown Columbus.  If you're in Columbus, definitely check it out.... I'm more and more impressed with the company every day I work for them! On June 30th 2017,  I married the sweetest man ever and now we are living in Delaware, Ohio while he is on Young Life staff.  Life has been crazy and busy but I'm just trying to soak up every minute of it because this has been one of my favorite seasons of life thus far!!

Now onto the outfit :) I've been shopping recently for clothing that fits business casual and is wearable for events for work. I found this dress at Nordstrom Rack and became obsessed with it because it has a nice cap-sleeve, a cute back detail, and looks good paired with anything. 

Also, fun little story about these shoes!! So I've loved them on a bunch of instagrammers I follow but I could never justify spending that much money on them because they were more of a fun, trendy shoe and not a closet staple. But I was at Nordstrom Rack and I was just browsing the shoe aisle and I happened to stumble across these shoes. I couldn't believe it, they still sell them at Nordstrom for full price and I found them at Nordstrom Rack for under $40!! Needless to say I snatched them right up and they are now a fun part of my wardrobe. 

I will link everything else up down below, as well as a few other black dress options :) Have a great weekend!! 

Love Always,

Bridal Shower Details & Outfit...


 AHH, I can't even believe that I'm sharing this with you guys & that the wedding is close enough to be having a bridal shower :) 

First let me just say that I am so thankful for my Maid/Matron of honor and of course my bridesmaids because they made this day so extremely special. I can't imagine going through this season of life without them and I mean you can tell by the pictures but it would be hard not to feel extremely special after having a shower like this!! 

From the moment I walked in I could tell that they had thought of everything- from the Toast Bar (I LOVE toast!!) to Iced Chai, to chicken salad and watermelon... they literally thought of it all!

I think my favorite part of the day was just how they put in so much to make it possible and how every minute of it was catered to things that I love, we also played a verson of the newlywed game with recorded videos of Conner & it was so fun!

For my outfit, I wore this adorable white dress from an online clothing boutique, unfortunately it's sold out but I will link a few other options down below.  I also paired it with a pair of newtral wedges and blush pink tassle earrings because I wanted a little bit of color in the outfit! The wedges are on super sale right now so go check them out.

Hope you all enjoyed a little sneak peak into my bridal shower (I just had another shower yesterday & it was just as amazing!!) and stay posted because I'm going to try to get back into the swing of blogging now that I'm finished with college forever WHOO!!

Love Always,

How to Style a Grandpa Cardigan...


For Christmas this year, my mom picked me up this adorable grandpa sweater. When I opened it she prefaced it with, "It's pretty big and oversized but I thought it kinda looked like you".  This got me thinking because I hadn't ever tried to style a grandpa sweater and honestly I wasn't really sure how I would like it. 

....But the verdict is in and I LOVE it! Funny enough, this is probably my most worn cardigan in my wardrobe.  My everyday style for class is usally a casual pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a basic shirt. I've been adding this cozy cardigan because it keeps me a little bit warmer but it also creates a fun layered look.

A tip in styling a grandpa cardigan is to pair it with pieces that are a little bit more feminine, whether thats a ruffle detail on your top (like my peplum) or a fun pair of feminine shoes. Sometimes I think that grandpa sweaters have the potential to make you look like just that... A grandpa but thats something a few accessories can fix :)

Hope you enjoyed this cozy outfit! Sorry it took so long to get this post up this week, for some reason I've just been feeling a little un-inspired by my blog lately and I want to spice it up! Leave me a comment if you have anything you would want to see in the future. I can't wait for warmer weather when I can do fun and afordable spring break and summer looks!!

Love Always,

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