What to Wear to an End-Of-Summer Wedding


I was recently planning for a wedding in August and trying to decide what was appropriate to wear because while August can be one of the hottest months in Ohio, it's also when fall clothing is starting to come out in stores.  The inner fall-lover in me wanted nothing more then a berry color dress or something in crushed velvet but instead I settled for this gem.

I walked into Nordstrom knowing that I couldn't leave until I found a dress for the wedding and I kind of just stumbled across this guy.  I thought it might fit weird in the chest area because I'd never worn a dress this style before but once I tried it on, it was love at first sight.

I loved how the tie front detail makes it fun and girly, but the fact that it had a cap sleeve made it feel a little more fall esc then a spaghetti strap dress and the fun pattern was perfect for the end of summer.

When shopping for an end-of-summer dressing to attend a wedding, consider something that is a fall style but in a summer pattern. It's feel like you're getting the best of both worlds! I will link some other great dress options down below!!

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