Welcome to the Corporate World...


Top: J Crew Factory Cardigan: Limited
Jeans: Madewell Shoes: Toms
Bag: Tory Burch Necklace: Vernacular

This past week I had my first experience with dipping my toes into the Big Girl corporate world, aka I'm now kinda grown-up I guess.  I get to work as an intern for a company in Columbus doing social media and event planning.  I'm going to be honest. I showed up on Tuesday with absolutely no expectations of what I would do or what it would be like.. If anything I was extremely nervous, who wouldn't be if the only job they've ever had was as a nanny?!

Within a matter of hours I already had projects to work on and events to look into planning, it's like the ball started rolling and quickly picked up speed.  A couple of things I left thinking after my first day.

"Everything they say is over my head... will I ever have a clue what is really going on?"

I work in a department where people are doing things on computers I've never even heard of, so it's a little intimidating to hear them talk.  I'm hoping that over time I will start to pick it up a little bit but I also think there is something to be said about remembering it's okay to not know everything.  Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself but to be honest, I'm new to this whole thing so how can I expect myself to know everything?!

"How am I going to make it through a whole day, let alone fill a whole day with work?"

I definitely left thinking this on Tuesday. I think that this comes with time, adjusting to a new schedule, learning how to organize a day, and being efficient.  After two days of work a trick that I've already learned is that snacks are a must.  On my first day I didn't have any snacks and let me tell you- the day went a lot slower than my second day when I brought grapes & pretzels that I let myself eat at different points in the day.  It works people, it really works.

"Do I think I'm going to like this enough that maybe one day I would want to do this for a career?"

After sitting at a desk all day I definitely had thoughts of this, I didn't know if I could change from my college ways of being free to make my own schedule.  A co-leader said this awhile back and it quickly came to mind when I had these thoughts.  He said, "We aren't supposed to love our jobs everyday, they aren't supposed to always be fun because otherwise it would be hard for us to see our need for Jesus daily."  I LOVE this.. and I think it really hits the nail on the head.  With anything there will be good days and bad but when it comes down to it, if everyday was perfect I wouldn't see a need for Jesus in my daily life because my purpose would come from a job and not Him.

Hope you all enjoyed this post & liked this outfit! This cardigan is amazing, I literally wear it like everyday so you should definitely check it out (plus it's a great price)! Also if I had to recommend a pair of shoes that you can wear all day without your feet hurting it would definitely be these.  I wear them all the time because they are from a great company, super comfy and they go with everything!

 Last but not least if you live in the Columbus area you NEED to go check out Vernacular in Grandview.  They are the most adorable clothing store and they also have jewelry and little nicknacks.  That is where my necklace is from and it's one of my favorites because I think it really makes any outfit more dressy.

As always if you don't already, go check out my Instagram @clothewithloveblog for updates on when I post & I will see you next Monday!!

Love Always,

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  1. I love everything about this! So proud of you & looking forward to more updates on how the internship goes (and of course for more business casual inspiration) :)


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