Shift Dresses & A Few Things I've Learned from My Mama


In honor of Mother's Day this past Sunday I wanted to do a post dedicated to my mama, the women who raised me and taught me almost everything I know.  But first for the outfits and then I'll get into the sappy stuff!! 

We both love shift dresses which is almost funny because she is tiny and I have a booty but somehow they always work.  The other day we went shopping for clothes that I can wear to my internship over the summer and I found this amazing Leith shift dress (Also comes in a bunch of other colors) from Nordstrom.  It is incredibly comfortable and super easy to style because it's so simple.  I chose this bauble bar necklace that is pretty new in my closet because I thought it brought a fun touch.  This exact necklace wouldn't go in the widget below but I linked it here & added a few different ones.  My mom's dress is from Loft and has an adorable lace design and is currently on sale with an additional 40% off!   Doesn't she look so cute in it?! It would be perfect for any bride that needs dresses for a Bridal Shower or rehearsal dinner! (I have weddings on my mind because another friend got engaged over the weekend & I'm really excited for her!!)

But more importantly, here are a few things I've learned from my mama over the years:

1. You have to work for what you want- From the day I was born my mom always stayed at home with my brothers and I, and took care of us.  I wouldn't change anything about that but there came a time when she needed to do something for herself.  A couple of years back she went back to school & now she is a Transformational Life Coach, with a business she started to help busy women say yes to themselves. Over the past few years, it's been incredibly encouraging to see her work hard and pursue something that she was interested in, in order to help people. You should check out her website, pretty cool! 

2. Any Stranger is just a Conversation Away from being a Friend- When I say that my mom can talk to anyone it is no joke, I mean it! We could be standing in line at a grocery store and she probably would make friends with a cashier or person in line. The joke always used to be that she could even get a wooden board to be friends with her (kidding of course!!).  But it's something I admire about her because she is good at making the people around her feel cared for and noticed.

3. People's Expectations don't Matter, just be YOU!- Oh my I could write a million things about this one, this is something I love the most about my mom.  Sometimes I wish that I could see life out of her eyes because I feel like it would be a whole lot brighter.  Ever since I was in high school my mom has been incredible about not putting expectations on me, but rather just loving me where I'm at and how I am.  I think as parents it's probably easy to want your kids to be successful or good at a specific things.  She was always encouraging my dreams and only wanted me to try my best with no expectation of what that would look like.  I truly believe it has helped me to be more confident as I've grown up and honestly I hope one day I'm the same way!

Happy Late Mother's Day to all those wonderful mothers out there! You do so much & deserve to be celebrated everyday! 

Like always if you want to shop any part of our outfits, I linked everything below. Also, don't forget to follow my Instagram (@clothewithloveblog) for updates on when I post!!

Love Always,

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