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I've decided that to-date this might be one of my favorite outfit posts ever. Maybe it's because it's the start of the new year but I've been so into everyday athletic clothes also known these days as "Athleisure".  This pullover is from The North Face and was a gift from my Fiance's family for Christmas this year.  Lets just say I've worn it about everyday since Christmas, it's amazing.  I love pairing pullovers with a simple pair of leggings and a fun pair of Nike's.  This is defintely going to be my go-to class outfit throughout the winter.

Today I want to talk new years resolutions.  Every year I start the new year thinking about all that is to come and dreaming of the new goals I have.... flashforward about two months later and I've probably given up on all those things. So this year, I've decided that I'm going to set some realistic resolutions that I actually think I will be able to stick to.  Here are 6 of mine:

1. Drink More Water- This is pretty simple. People always talk about the importance of drinking water, yet somehow I always have some sort of flavored drink in my hand. This year I want to commit to drinking water at all times of the day especially when I first wake up.

2. Take the Best Care of Myself- One of the most unrealistic goals that I think people make for the new year are almost always in regards to their eating and working out habits. Thats why the workout facility at Ohio State is packed after January 1st and dead by February 1st.  It's so true that if you feel good then, then things just follow as a result. This year I want to be comitted to taking care of myself in many different ways. Whether that's going to the Gym more per week, eating a little healthier,  getting an extra hour of sleep each night or washing my face before I go to bed. I want to take time to do those things because they truely do make me feel better and are worth the investment. Seems like when life hits, those things just head to the back burner.

3. Grow Clothe With Love in Whatever Capacity That Looks Like- I have loved this blog because I've gotten to share my life and have in a sense a journal of my life to look back on. This year I want to grow Clothe With Love to be able to reach and help more people. I want to write about things that people want to hear. I want to write about things I'm learning. I also just want to share more of what I'm wearing because thats something I enjoy more than anything! Whether that means growing a bigger following for my blog, working harder to put out more posts, I'm not really sure because I don't want to limit myself with unrealistic expectations.

4. Be Intentional With My Time- Ahh this is huge. When I'm with people I want to truly be with them not on my phone, or stressed about something else. I want to focus on school when I'm working on homework, focus on Conner when I'm with him, focus on my friends when we are out having fun. I really just want to be present this year and enjoy the memories I get to have with peopl!

5.  Understand What Satisfaction in Jesus Looks Like- Over the past year I really feel like God has refined me in what it looks like to trust Him and His plan. I've made life decisions that I definitely wouldn't have made if I wasn't trusting that God would provide in them.  So often I try to provide for myself because I feel like I would do a better job then He would. This year, I want that to change. I want to learn to find satsifaction in Jesus and not in the things that I can do for myself. Not exactly sure what that looks like, but I'm excited to see in the future :)

6. Be a Morning Person- If you know me at all you know that I'm furthest from a morning person. I wake up so grump... Sorry to all the people around me :) Mornings are such a good time for starting your day off on the right foot, with a workout, a healthy breakfast, time with Jesus, etc.  While it's hard to do, I never regret any of those things when I make time for them in the morning. This year I want to try a little harder to give myself an extra hour or two... maybe not hit the snooze button like 10 times... and make the best use of my morning. If you are a morning person or you struggle the same way I do, I would love to know what you do! I don't know why it is but I've always been the type of person to lay around in my bed forever in the morning!

Hope you enojoyed reading my more realistic New Years Resolutions and maybe you can relate to one or more! I would love to know in the comments what some of yours are this year!

Love Always,

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