Happy Birthday ClotheWithLove!!


I honestly can't even believe that I'm writing this right now... Clothe With Love turned a year old on January 1st 2017!! Crazy to think that a year ago, I was out taking my first ever blog photos with Conner- neither of us knew how to use my camera,  I sure as heck didn't know what to do in the photos, and little did I know how much I would enjoy sharing my closet and my heart on a blog that anyone in the world could read. I've grown a lot this past year and I've learned a lot from this blog and I'm excited to share that with you! 

One of the biggest things I've learned over this year is to find what you're passionate about and run with it. I read blogs for YEARS, but was always too scared to start my own. I knew that people around me might say things behind my back or make fun of me because it's not necessarily something thats super common where I live. But you know what? Everytime I take photos, or post an Instagram, or put up a new post and get positive feedback I realize that it's all worth it. I feel inspired and encouraged because I'm chasing something that I love. What are some of those things for you? What passions do you have that you are scared to chase after because you think you'll look stupid? I would encourage you to try, it's a new year and a fresh start :) 

Another crazy thing I've learned this year is to trust the Lord that his plans for my future are better than my own. Short and simple- I always had this vision of what my life would look like it and well things are turning out to look a little different. I'm scared for this next year that starting a new job, graduating college, getting married, moving to a new place- that these things will be harder then expected. I'm scared I won't have the resources I need to keep my blog running. God is so much bigger then my fear and this blog has been an incredible picture of that.  

When I started the blog I wasn't exactly sure what would happen. Would I post on it only a few times and get bored? Would it flurish overnight? It's definitely been a slow process full of times where I felt like it just wasn't worth it anymore and it would be easier to give up. 

Have I made money off my blog? Um not really. 
Has it cost me money? YES.
Have I gained a huge following? Nope. 
Was it as easy as I expected? Definitely not. 

That being said, I've learned SO much about myself this past year and I know that all those things just take time. I'm excited for 2017, and what it might bring to Clothe With Love! Thank you to everyone who has followed along this past year. I'm thankful for you and can't wait to share my life with you in 2017 :) 

Love Always, 

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