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Last year around this time a major trend occured and instantly I fell in love.  I don't know what it was but as soon as I saw fur vests, the lover of all things warm and cozy in me just knew that I needed a faux fur vest.  I found one on the Nordstroms website and came within a few seconds of buying it many times but for some reason I hesitated.  My biggest hesitations were always... 

I'm totally going to get judged for wearing a fur vest... Bring on the comments from Conner and my brothers! I'm pretty sure an exact sentence from my brother's mouth was "What did you have to kill to make that vest Maddie??

I also doubted whether it was worth the money to buy a vest that might be a trend and would definitely not be an everday closet staple.  Because buying a super cheap looking fur vest is almost worse than not having a fur vest in my opinion.

Well flash forward to a couple of weeks ago and I was out and about shopping in Old Navy with a few friends and I came accross this beautiful vest.  It was soft, seemed pretty high and quality and drum roll please (!!!!!) it was only $20 on sale ahh.  I did a happy dance and well I maybe bought two of them, one in this color and one in a lighter color.  

This outfit is super simple but I feel like it's the best way to pair a faux fur vest.  I'm not a super flashy person so this plain striped tee from Banana Republic and my fur vest along with a simple pair of booties really completed the look.  I love glamorous looking pieces and this vest fit the bill while still being neutral.

If you like anything from this look and want to shop any part of it, they are all in the bottom of this post.  I linked a bunch of other fun and similar things! Hope you all have a great end to your week! 

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