How to Pick Outfits For Engagement Pictures & Sharing a Few of Ours...


I follow tons of photographers on Instagram and am constantly seeing adorable pictures of couples and their engagement pictures.  When Conner & I got engaged, this was one part I was most looking forward to because who doesn't want dreamy pictures with their significant other.  We chose our photographer, the amazing Leigh Elizabeth Photography, and then we started to pick our our outfits. Being someone completely obsessed with fashion, I felt an extreme amount of pressure to pick perfect outfits because I didn't want to wear simple clothing like most people do. I wanted to wear something fun that I felt really described my style- I wanted the pictures to look like us! 

Here are a few things that I found helpful when picking out outfits and I'll share some of our pictures as I go..

This first outfit was the hardest for me to decide on.  It's quite the story so I'll share. When we originally picked out outfits we thought the weather was going to be freezing so I planned to wear this blue dress but I had Conner in a Button up & Pullover. His button up had a print on it but I felt it was fine with the pullover overtop... that being said the day before our pictures were scheduled it was predicted to be 80+ degrees (Ugh) so I panicked and decided he needed a new outfit.  Conner naturally is pretty awkward in front of a camera (but I still love you CB haha!!) so the combination of being hot and not used to a camera made me a little fearful for the fate of our pictures.

So on Tuesday night I drove to the mall on a whim with one of my friends & now bridesmaids so she could help me pick out this navy button up. Gap for the win!! 

Overall I love these outfits! When I found my blue dress from Anthropologie I just knew I needed to do everything in my power to make it work for engagement pictures.  Couple of tips...

1. Don't Compromise your Style & Who You Are- When I was finding it hard to match Conner I almost changed my outfit to something more simple, but I know that I would have regretted it. I love my outfit and I love the print of my dress.  Some people may say we have too much blue but we both love wearing blue so why change because of that! 

2. Less is More for Boys- I found that it was easier to dress Conner in something more simple because naturally my outfits look more detailed when you add jewelry or a print. Always start basic with boys because you can always add a pullover or printed sweater.

And now we are too the second outfit... I maybe be a little biased but these pictures just make me swoon. Our photographer did an AMAZING job because by this point I was convinced my hair was flat due to extreme winds and a little rain- somehow she pulled through and made us look amazing.

These outfits were the easiest to choose because we both are casual people so these clothes were mostly already in our wardrobe.  I wanted Conner in a pop of color to stand out when we took pictures in a natural location.  Couple more tips...

3. Wear What You Already Have- Why go out and buy a new outfit for casual pictures when you can wear things that you already have and love.  The boots I'm wearing I probably wear every other day and the top I wear like once a week.  Those are my go to clothing and I feel good in them... so why wouldn't I wear them for engagement pictures?!? I wanted these pictures to capture us and what better way than to wear things you wear normally and feel great in. That being said I have a fashion blog to obviously I'm never opposed to a little shopping for a new dress or a great accessory to spice up the outfit! 

4. Pick One Person To Wear A Print- For all of these pictures you will notice that either Conner or I are wearing a print but never at the same time.  If you want to spice up your outfits but are afraid that it will be too much, just do one print. I love how even though Conner is wearing a bold print in these pictures, it still looks natural and he doesn't stand out too much.

5. Weather Is Un-Controllable-Ahh I can't stress this enough, the weather might not be perfect (or maybe it will and you're just lucky!!) but DON'T worry about it. During our pictures it was windy, rainy, and quite honestly just a yucky night but that doesn't matter. I love our pictures, I love that even if the weather was bad thats not what it's about. Conner & are going to look back at these pictures forever and remember when we were engaged and how special that it.

6. Find a Photographer You Feel Comfortable With- I can't stress this enough, your photographer will play a huge role in how your pictures turn out. When we were deciding I knew this was important because I wanted Conner to feel comfortable, I take blog pictures all the time so I wasn't worried about myself haha! We decided to go with Leigh Elizabeth Photography and it was a great choice- she did my senior pictures and does tons of my friends pictures for senior pics or wedding pics! She was calm during the crazy wearing, easy to talk to, and didn't make either of us feel awkward posing! If you are in the Columbus area and looking for a photographer, I would definitely recommend her.

Hope you enjoyed our photos and a few of my tips for engagement picture outfits. I would love to hear if you have any tips or things you learned from doing engagement pictures. 

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