Cozy Winter Outfit & The Christmas Tree Farm...


This outfit was one of my favorites because it was so warm & cozy. I found this turtle neck sweater when I was at Nordstroms with my mama and loved it! I paired it with Red Hunter boots (I got mine at for a huge discount!!) because I wanted to be festive for picking out our christmas tree & a cozy scarf because it was chilly up on the hilltop. I couldn't fin my exact scarf but I thinked a few similar ones at the bottom.

Getting the christmas tree is one of my favorite traditions with my family.  Since I can remember, we always drive to a family owned Christmas Tree Farm near Newark, Ohio to pick out our tree. Every year my brother & I try to convince the family that we need a 12+ foot tall Christmas tree and the last couple of years we have suceeded.  The trip always ends with candy canes and Christmas music on our drive home.  

Funny little side not about our tree this year, it actually ended up falling over because the hole didn't get cut straight on the bottom so now we have dumbell weights attached to the back of our tree to keep it fro falling over again!! It's a little funny looking but it makes for some fun and interesting Christmas memories :) I would love to know what some of your favorite Christmas memories are, feel free to leave a comment down below! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm hoping to have a few fun posts throughout the Holiday season since it is such an exciting time of year! 

Love Always,

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