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Oversized Clothing has definitely become more of a trend within the past couple of years, seems like it did ever since leggings really became an everyday thing. I personally am a fan of large clothing, I'm known as the queen of "loose and flowy"".

I'm talking big shirts, oversized sweatshirts and sweaters, coats, you name it and I probably love it.   Even my mom tells me that somehow it "always works on me but never on her".  But I'm here today to tell you that anyone can wear loose, oversized clothing.

I love this sweater because it was super cozy, Lulu's always has amazing sweaters because they're trendy but they're also pretty affordable.  The biggest key to wearings oversized tops is form fitting bottoms! It's essential because othersize you will look a few sizes larger, it helps to balance out your outfit.

I always go for a nice pair of leggings with a baggy sweater or a pair of skinny jeans with a looser top. Whatever it is, you just need the right accessories and a form fitting pair of bottoms.

Sidenote- how amazing are these velvet flats that I got on Lulu's as well?

Hope you all are having an amazing Holiday season & enjoying plenty of time with your family!

With Love,

I linked a bunch of other oversized sweaters options down below :) 

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