Transitioning any Dress for Fall...


Dress: Nordstroms Cardigan: Nordstroms 
Booties: Toms Purse: Vince Camuto 
Hat: Target

When it comes to fall I always look into my wardrobe and feel like I need to buy a million more clothes because I want to be able to fit the season and the weather.  Recently I've learned how to transition a wardrobe and what pieces to buy that will allow you to make any outfit you already own fit fall.  Here are a few ways to make the transition:

A Bold Lip Color.  I find that putting on a red or berry colored lipstick allows me to feel extremely seasonal but also is super affordable.  One of my favorite higher end brands of lipstick is MAC, and if you're looking for a great fall color I would recommend the color "Syrup".   Recently at Target I found the new Collection of lipsticks that Katy Perry came out with and I picked up a red shade (I linked the exact one, definitely would recommend this!!) and let me tell you, it was also amazing & super long lasting.  Thats what I have on in these pictures!

A Hat.  I've never been a hat girl, but this year I'm more determined than ever to become one.  I love how fun they are and what it adds to any outfit.  That being said fun fact about me, I have a huge head.  When looking for a hat it was extremely hard to find one that fit but when I came across this one from Target that fit & was under $20 (they were having a sale, so definitely check your local Target), I was instantly sold!! 

A Cardigan   This is probably the easiest thing to use to transition any outfit from Summer to Fall and winter because you probably already have this in your closet.  I love this long brown cardigan because I could wear it for anything and its super cozy.  When picking cardigans I always try to have a brown and black one that I can use throughout the whole fall and winter season.

If you can't tell I'm extremely excited for fall and all that the cooler weather brings! Hope you enjoyed this transitional outfit.  If you don't already, follow me on Instagram at @clothewithloveblog and you will see updates and tons of fun outfits!

Love Always,

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