What in the World is Business Casual?!


Top: Loft Pants: Gap
Earrings: J Crew Factory (exact pair sold out)

As many of you know because I did a whole post back in May about it, a couple of months ago I started working a big girl job as an intern for a company in Columbus.  For the past 10 years of my life I've nannied and babysat families all over Columbus, which was so fun but eventually it was time to grow up a little.  I had the opportunity to get credit at Ohio State for the internship and it was was good experience to put on my resume.

When I was in the process of filling out paper work and preparing to start the internship I had a bunch of questions.  I was on the phone with one of the recruiters and he asked me, "Do you have any questions?".  Obviously my mind was screaming "Yes SOOOO many" but all I asked was, "What is the dress code of the office?"  Being that it was a man I was talking to he said that it was business casual and started to describe what he normally wears to work.  If you know anything about business clothes, most men wear similar clothing to work unless the dress code is casual so this really didn't give me much insight.

So like any normal person, I took to Google and searched "What are business casual clothes for women?"  Much to my surprise there wasn't much online and what there was consisted of frumpy clothing and outfits that as a 21 year old, I would never really consider wearing.  This made it super dificult because I had no idea what to wear, there wasn't much online and what there was didn't fit my style.  I wanted to obviously look professional but I also didn't want to compromise my style to dress for work.

That's what inspired this post and hopefully what I can continue to do at least once a month if not more.  My hope is to do a post at least once or twice a month showing you something I would wear to work maybe even using a clever title like "Work Wear Wednesdays" (haha I don't know)!!  I know it was super hard for me to find outfits that were cute and professional for a Business Casual office place and so maybe this will help those of you just starting to break into the Corporate world just like me!! Now lets get into the outfit...

So this outfit is something that I've worn to work many times over the past couple of months and if not this exact outfit, a similar combination.  These pants are from Gap and while they might look like your average black pants, they actually almost have a legging feel without being too tight that they would be inappropriate for an office.  In terms of top, I paired it with a silky blouse from Loft which has an adorable ruffle on the shoulders and a few cute buttons up the front.  I love it because it's simple and feminine but looks cute when you have to pair it with a cardigan for warmth.  Okay now I'm going to be real with you, if you are in the market for a pair of classic heel to go with everything... THESE ARE THE HEELS! I can't say enough good things.  I read a bunch of reviews before buying and multiple said that they were kind of uncomfortable or the buckle would rub on your heel.  I'm here to tell you that I haven't had that experience, if anything I think they are extremely comfortable.  I love wearing these to the office because they go with everything and are super comfy for a full day of work!

In terms of accessories, I love wearing similar outfits to work and then picking a great bag or accessory to spice it up each time I wear that outfit.  For me I needed a great bag that I could use to transport papers and other things I need since my job involves running errands for the events we've planned.  This Kate Spade bag is perfect for just that and it even has tassels which I've quickly fallen in love with recently.  My earrings are also a go to but my exact pair is older but I will link a bunch of cute pairs in the widget below.

I hope you loved this post and it gave you a small insight into the world of Business Casual clothing. If you don't already follow me on my Instagram account @clothewithloveblog for updates on when I put up new posts! Hope you have an amazing day!!

Love Always,

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